BMW Malaysia updates its price list – 5 Series up to RM10,331 cheaper

BMW Malaysia updates its price list – 5 Series up to RM10,331 cheaper

BMW Malaysia has released an updated price list that now includes not only newly launched models, but also cars that weren’t found in the earlier list. We also noticed some price changes for certain models, which we will get into later on. These prices will remain in effect until December 31, 2020 and reflect the sales tax relief for private vehicles announced by the government back in June this year.

Newcomers to the list include the 1 Series, which is available in a sole M135i xDrive variant that goes for RM355,646 with the sales tax exemption, otherwise it goes for RM368,800. The M2 Competition that was introduced last year also benefits from the SST relief, retailing at RM608,867 instead of RM631,800 – a RM22,933 or 3.63% drop.

The regular, non-M 5 Series range also appears here, as it was absent previously. Of the three offered variants – 520i Luxury, 530e M Sport and 530i M Sport – it is the first one that sees the most savings, down RM10,331 or 3.14% from RM328,800 to RM318,469. Coming in second is the 530i M Sport, which goes for RM363,756 (RM9,044 less), while the plug-in hybrid variant is RM5,107 less at RM333,693.

Further down the list, the X1 sDrive18i, X3 M, X4 M, M8 Coupe and M8 Gran Coupe all follow the pricing stated in their respective launch stories, so there’s nothing different except that they are now bundled into the same list.



However, the 6 Series GT does receive a revision, as it is now cheaper at RM418,131 without SST, compared to RM430,800 previously. It’s a different story for the X1 sDrive20i M Sport, which now goes for RM230,410 without SST, up from RM225,410.

The same can be said of the X3 xDrive30i M Sport that is now priced at RM324,164 without SST, up from RM319,164 as listed in the earlier price list. Lastly, the Z4 now goes for RM469,510 without SST instead of RM464,510.

You’ll also notice a few BMW models listed without SST-exempted pricing, with some of them being discontinued models like the F82 M4, the pre-facelift F90 M5 and both versions of the i8. The X2 in both sDrive20i M Sport and M35i guises are also seen without SST-exempted pricing.

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