Toyota Alphard full exterior conversion to Lexus LM

Toyota Alphard full exterior conversion to Lexus LM

Just last year, Lexus took the veils off the LM, a decked out luxury MPV made specially for business leaders in our region. You don’t have to be a car expert to tell that it’s actually based on the Toyota Alphard, but note that the Lexus LM is not officially sold in Malaysia – not yet, at least. But you’re here for the next best thing.

Meet the Wing Hin special. It’s essentially a converted Toyota Alphard, but Wing Hin used only genuine Lexus parts for this conversion process. If you’re even remotely interested, be prepared to fork out a heady RM56,000 for the job. The price includes paint and installation.

The kit includes a full face swap, featuring the humongous Lexus spindle grille with a prominent chin, L-shaped chrome trims at the edges, genuine full LED headlights with triple projectors and LED DRLs, full-width LED tail lights, as well as LM rear bumper with lower chrome inserts and repositioned reflectors.

The alloy wheels are not part of the conversion pack, mind you
What you don’t get, however, are the LM’s bolder, chromed side skirts and “fanged” chrome trims on the B-pillars. Otherwise, the conversion job is actually rather convincing, with little to no alignment issues on the newly installed panels. Needless to say, the bulk of the cost goes to the headlights and tail lights. This conversion is also available for Vellfire owners, but the exact pricing has yet to be disclosed.

There are of course no modifications to the cabin, so your car will be left as is. The Toyota badge on the steering wheel can be swapped out for a Lexus badge if you know where to look (it’s really not that hard), but the two Lexus logos on the outside, as well as the LM 350 badge come as standard. So, what do you think?


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