Mercedes-Benz EaseProtect Financing With benefits and full protection coverage

Mercedes-Benz EaseProtect Financing With benefits and full protection coverage

If you’re thinking of getting behind the wheel of a new Mercedes-Benz, financing that dream ride is now more attractive than before with the introduction of EaseProtect Financing, a new, comprehensive programme tailored by Mercedes-Benz Financial to offer unbeatable value, unrivalled benefits and peace of mind.

Unlike a typical financing plan, EaseProtect Financing has exceptional scope, and incredibly offers more than the already impressive Agility Financing, adding on quite a bit for just a little bit more per month.

Like Agility Financing, the new financing plan offers lower monthly instalments than with conventional hire purchase loans as well as flexible end of agreement options and a Guaranteed Future Value of your car, in which your car’s value will remain the exact same as what’s agreed at the very beginning, not a single sen less.


EaseProtect Financing adds on to everything offered in Agility Financing with an extra layer of security and protection. With EaseProtect Financing, you’ll get inclusive comprehensive motor insurance as well as a Tyre and Rim replacement service in the first year of ownership.

The Tyre and Rim replacement provides cover for accidental damage to tyres and wheels caused by road debris or curbing, which saves you from having to pay to replace these costly items should the need ever arise.

Also included in EaseProtect Financing the StarProtect Plus plan, which covers you should there ever be a need to repair your Mercedes-Benz due to unforeseen circumstances. Benefits include immediate policy issuance and fast claim approvals, with all claims up to RM30,000 being approved online for immediate repairs.


Other pluses include waiver of excess/betterment charges, cashless replacement for a damaged windscreen claims as well as and the use of genuine spare parts for repairs to make the car as good as new. Towing and breakdown services are also covered too.

There is also MobilityPlus, which guarantees a replacement car should your Mercedes-Benz need to be in an authorised workshop for 48 hours or more due to service and maintenance, warranty claims or accident repairs.

The programme offers the guaranteed, unquestioned use of a replacement Mercedes-Benz as your vehicle is being repaired or serviced. MobilityPlus offers nationwide coverage and allows up to 20 days per year of use for a replacement vehicle.

If it sounds like an immense deal, it is, and the choice is clear why this is the only financing plan you should take for your Mercedes-Benz. Register your interest here. Alternatively, contact the Mercedes-Benz Customer Care line at 1-800-88-1133 or speak to a finance and insurance executive at your nearest Mercedes-Benz Autohaus.

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