Merdeka Race 2020 happens this weekend live on FB

Merdeka Race 2020 happens this weekend live on FB

For the local racing community, the end of August isn’t just about celebrating our nation’s independence, it’s also a time to look forward to well, racing.

The annual Merdeka Race at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) has roots that go back to 1998. It was started by Proton, and the Proton Merdeka 300 KM race was very much a grassroots event. SIC then took the initiative and successfully launched the first ever Merdeka Millennium 12-hour Endurance (MME) race from 2000.

The direction of the MME changed in 2009 with the introduction of a spin-off endurance race for smaller capacity vehicles, the Sepang 1000 KM race. The MME went upmarket, courting wealthy gentleman racers and their GT cars. A slow decline started. More on the history of the Merdeka Race here.


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